You can create very interesting fractals after 50 formulas, with Sterling2

If you are a fan of fractals you will appreciate this portable freeware. Sterling 2 is based on Sterling, a fractal-generating commercial program written in 1999.

The author of Sterling 2 spent some 100 to 200 hours changing formulas and then testing them to see which ones produced interesting images. It turned out that creating good formulas was much more difficult than he expected.

In the process he made and saved some 1,600 fractals. That’s not counting about 30,000 that he partially made but did not save. Sterling 2 now has 50 formulae, all different from those of Sterling. You should be able to make interesting fractals using any of the 50.

There is no installation – just put the exe and dll files in the same directory and fire up the exe.