Windows 7 taskbar titles text

Visitors of this site keep sending letters about Windows taskbar text, how frustrating can be on Windows 7 to have only icons without titles text, not knowing exactly what is running, or missing those updates some applications display on their taskbar icons textual part.

You can have on the Windows 7 taskbar text along with icons, all the titles besides the logos of your programs in the taskbar, just like in previous versions of Windows.

What is more, that you could not have in previous versions, is that on the taskbar of Windows 7 you are not obliged to have this or that only, you can have them both at will, sometimes only icons sometimes all the text and titles beside the icons, at the pressing of a keyboard shortcut!

Just download a small freeware called Taskbar Labels and it will do the rest. Taskbar Labels will let you define a custom hotkey to use when you want to display taskbar text beside icons, or make all titles disappear and enjoy a clean taskbar.

Now that you learned how simple it is to have text and titles beside Taskbar icons on Windows 7, you might like to know also that you can make those Taskbar buttons larger than their default Windows size.

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