If TubePress generates dead thumbnails and WordPress video galleries are broken

TubePress is a fine WordPress plugin, that seems to have suddenly problems. You may find your blog with all your TubePress galleries dead! Only the first video would play, but clicking on any of the gallery thumbnails will do just nothing.

Don’t think how to configure TubePress, there is nothing you are going to fix. The problem is related with jquery and is caused by your very theme or a plugin. Of course something changed in the TubePress code, because the same blog with the same theme and plugins was functioning before. Anyway.

Load the gallery on your browser and view the source code. Perform a search and see how many times jquery script is called. TubePress loads jquery once, which is fine, but you can not have your theme or any plugin load it again, e.g. in this example, when a theme loaded ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.1/jquery.min.js After I deleted this call from my theme, stopping it from loading jquery.min.js, all TubePress galleries worked fine.

In your case the second load of jquery may come from some plugin. Check your code, identify the problematic plugin and make a decision what to keep and what to miss. If you want your TubePress galleries more than that plugin, you may have to remove it or search for an alternative solution.