Measure convex polygons and match maps with air photos, using Polygon Overlap Calculator

The Polygon-Overlap-Calculator calculates the area of two (convex) polygons as well as their overlap. Convex means: any angle of the polygon is less than 180 degrees. The number of angles may vary from 3 to 12.

Options: – number of angles selectable from 3 to 12 – calculate area of polygons and also their overlap – shape of polygon changeable by mouse or by keyboard – polygons can be shifted (by mouse) in the coordinate system – changeable scale and position of coordinate system – images can be copied to clipboard or file – save coordinates of polygons, along with settings, to file – open files to load previously saved polygons and settings – print polygons, together with coordinates information – In-Line help – no installation procedure, just run the executable.

Besides calculation of areas, the Polygon-Overlap-Calculator may be used to match geographic images such as maps and air photographs with coordinates on earth.

All tables and procedures used for the calculations are neatly arranged in one unit. A step-by-step approach is used: procedures process tables to produce new tables on the way to the final result.