How to reboot a completely unresponsive laptop

What a sad thing! Perhaps because of space problems, my laptop (an ultraportable Asus Vivobook, with a really small hard drive), suddenly stopped responding in the middle of a Windows update.

I tried everything, pressing any key wouldn’t wake it up from sleep, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete also didn’t work. I even pressed several times the power button and kept it pressed for a few seconds, but without success! I was desperate.

Checking those little leds at the front, I saw that at least it was open without any battery problems. Then this last attempt solved my problem.

I pressed the power button and kept it pressed for a really long time, perhaps more than 10 seconds, when finally I saw the leds changing and the laptop rebooting! If you suffer a similar problem don’t be disappointed if your power button won’t lead to a shutdown, just hold it pressed more time than what you supposed to be enough. If this won’t cause a restart but a shutdown, just turn your laptop on again as usually, and enjoy!