Lock your screen with a transparent shield, using ClearLock

ClearLock is a free screen locker, that will cover the desktop with a transparent shield, providing a way to disable input to a computer while still allowing you to see what is going on. ClearLock is not a security system (it is possible for certain actions to be performed while the screen is ‘locked’). The purpose of this program is to keep away superficial attempts, it will not keep your computer/data safe from someone who is determined to get at it. All configuration can be done through the .ini or by using the /config switch.

Switches: clearlock.exe /setpassword [password] – display a dialog to configure a password or if [password] is supplied by command line no dialog is shown. (If no password is configured you will be asked to configure one upon running ClearLock for the fist time. You must make sure ClearLock is in a writable location)

clearlock.exe /config – opens a dialog for configuring options

Ini Sample:

;Password hash generated by clearlock.exe /setpassword or /config

;Change message displayed on the lock screen