Clean and optimize your PC with nCleaner

nCleaner is a free program that will help you to optimize your computer.

The program promises to clean the Registry, fine tune several system settings (Tweak Manager), let you organize your startup options with an advanced Startup Manager, help you to identify and remove junk files, help you to watch the resources of your PC, and more.

nCleaner cleans more than eighty locations including more than 100 addons. Besides these, it lets you add yourself manually any file types and locations you’d like cleaned whenever you perform system cleanup.

With a System Monitor helps you to have always available a certain amount of free disk space and optimize your system’s memory.

Its System Advisor helps you to solve system errors.

More: Choose which cookies you want to keep and which you want removed. Disable unnecessary system services and recover resources. Use predefined Tweak profiles. Schedule cleanings at startup, shutdown, on browser close or at specific time intervals…

Note that if you are on Windows 10 you should use instead other tweakers such as CCleaner.