Download from top storage services, with FreeRapid

FreeRapid is a Java application that supports downloading from Rapidshare and other file-sharing services. You only need to copy and paste your links from a browser to FreeRapid and it will handle the rest. You need Sun Java environment to use FreeRapid.

Features: Concurrent downloading from multiple services * Download using proxy list * Streamed videos support * Download history * Smart clipboard monitoring * Automatic check for file’s existence on server * Auto shutdown options * Automatic plugins updates * Simple CAPTCHA recognition * More than 200 supported sites.

The program doesn’t need installation, just unzip, copy to a folder and create a shortcut to the executable at your Start Menu.

FreeRapid is convenient, covering so many sharing services successfully, that one can ignore occasional crashes of the program. If you keep it minimized in the taskbar, you will have less problems, since it won’t have to draw its window on screen.