Gain divine powers in Eudemons Online Fantasy MMO role playing game

Eudemons is a free fantasy MMORPG game with interesting graphics and style. The word comes from the Greek “eudaimon” (=happy, blessed by God), however, playing with the second word (demon) to denote good (eu) demons, something like angels.

There are more than 100 Eudemons for you to choose from! Select 3 of them and you are ready to begin your adventure! Your most trustworthy friends will also earn promotions as you do, granting them new skills to protect you. Composing and raising your Eudemons is an important part of Eudemons Online. You can fight alongside them, or enhance your abilities by composing two of them into a much stronger one!

Eudemons Online introduces the “Battle Power System”. Battle Power is calculated on the basis of your attributes, equipment, and Eudemons. It is an important marker to help you choose your battles wisely, before you wind up digging your own grave!

All legends begin on the Divine Path. You will take a road less traveled, standing through the trial of the deities in hopes of reaching Elysium and gaining the god-like powers of divine skills and Divine Eudemons. All these will distinguish you from the normal warrior with their visual effects. Then you can prove your immortality, by heading to the Blooming Garden and Elysium to learn advanced Divine Skills with your godship. You can also test yourself by surviving the demonic legions when they are rising to crush the forces of good. You’ll encounter booby traps, tough bosses, endless challenges and bounteous treasure.