A great collection of Mind Games, including Awari, Conquer, Dodge, Ludo, Nim, Tangrams, and more

Mindgames is a collection of free games you can download separately to have fun while exercising your mind.

1check: The purpose of this game is to remove maximum number of pieces from the board. ||| Abalone: Two-player, strategy game. The concept of the game is based on the popular Japanese Sumo wrestling. ||| Awari: This is an ancient game from Africa. Try to capture opponents pieces. Requires visual thinking and some math skills. ||| Boxes: Occupy a square by placing bars on each side of a square in the grid. Some sides are fixed already. You play against the computer.

Conquer: In this classic game of military strategy, you battle to conquer a Map of Areas and Regions. To win you must eliminate your opponent by occupying every Area in the Map. The first player to do so wins the game. The computer simulates the Conquer game for two or three players. A number of Maps are provided, however any other suitable map may also be used. A companion program for making new maps is available free on request.

Dodge: Try moving all your pieces across the board from bottom to top. Computer plays left to right. ||| Guesswhat: This is a two-player guessing game. Each player takes turns trying to guess the other player’s choice. You can play against the computer. ||| Hnefatafl: Hnefatafl [NhEHV-eh-TAH-Full] or “King’s table or board” played by the Vikings. The game is played on a square board with some squares having opposing sets of gaming pieces. The object of the game is for the defending King to escape from the encircling attacking pieces. If the King reaches one of the corner squares then the defenders win, but if all possible escape routes are blocked then the attacker wins.

Lls: In this game there are two L’s. You have green L, the computer has red L. The purpose of this game is to position your L in a manner that the opponent is not able to move its L to another position. There are also two blue boxes that you can place on any empty position after you have placed your L. Use Blue Boxes to block opponents choices for moving the L. This game requires considerable visual thinking and it is rather hard to beat the computer.

Ludo: The rules are as follows (English version): a game for 2, 3 or 4 players ||| Masterm: Welcome to the ancient game of Master Mind. This version of the game is played with a set of maximum 16 colours. ||| nCheckers: nCheckers is a Checkers game with a twist. Ideal for mathematically minded, with plenty of time to spare. ||| Nim: Nim means “to take away”. This game is played between two players, the computer and yourself. A number of disks are placed in three piles. Computer randomly places upto 16 disks in each of these piles. The game then begins. ||| tangrams: This is an ancient Chinese game of “Seven Tans” called tangrams. Making tangrams demands considerable imagination, visual thinking and patience.