Watch a video together with friends from anywhere in the world, using Syncplay

What would a shared experience of watching a movie include, provided you are not in the same room with your friends?

Easy question: as much as possible that would resemble what happens when you are in the same room. Anyone should be able to interrupt the movie, for instance to bring pop corn or anything. You should also be able to talk with each other, make comments, hear the others laugh or anything as you watch the movie, see each other face to face, etc.

Syncplay is a free program that will cover only an aspect of this experience, it will let a group of friends watch the same video the same time, pausing it whenever they want. It supports the MPC-HC, VLC and MPV players.

To complement this function you need also a program that will let you see each other, something like an on line conference program, or at least a chat application.

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