Control your CPU with Process Lasso and prevent lags

Even powerful computers can become unresponsive or suffer from lags. You don’t need but only load them with lots of tasks, even tasks hungry for power, such as conversions.

Process Lasso is a free tool (with a commercial version offering more options) aiming at making sure you won’t have problems if you want to use your PC, no matter how heavy tasks are running.

The program monitors which program you actively use, and tries to give you all the necessary resources to work without problems. For example, I’m now using a text processor. Even typing can suffer from lags when the system tries to run a lot of demanding tasks. Process Lasso understands that I am using above all or “personally” the text processor and tries to keep for that the power that I need.

If you need to make sure a task has always the necessary resources, just keep its window active, that is in front of all other windows and the desktop, even if you are not yourself working providing some input, etc. Process Lasso detects which application drains your system and prevents it from getting all the power.

Download Process Lasso