Clean safely the Windows Installer folder to save space in C, with PatchCleaner

When I setup my PC I thought that an 120 GB Kingston SSD drive would be fine — and it was until recently. Now my free space is only 10 GB and is being reduced rather fast. Thus I checked if there was a way to save space, postponing the trouble and expenses of cloning and moving my system to a new larger drive.

Checking space allocation with TreeSize I realized immediately that the “Installer” sub-folder of Windows is really large. This folder is where Windows stores program installers and patches that may be still useful or not. Fortunately this light freeware is able to detect what is still necessary in the Installer folder and what can be deleted, even letting you move useless files to another drive just in case you need something later.

PatchCleaner reported that no less that 18 GB inside the Installer folder could be safely deleted! Then I chose to let the program move all those files to a new location instead of deleting them, and now my SSD disk has 30 GB free space! PatchCleaner lets you also define applications to be excepted from this procedure such as Adobe Acrobat that seems to need its files in the Installer folder.

Needless to say that if you try to free up some space on your system drive, PatchCleaner is an option you cannot ignore. Download and enjoy!

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