Search using several engines easily, with a shortcut

Fling is a free little utility I can’t live without!

I am a speed addict! Why should I go to that search engine to write some keyword and search, when I can select and copy whatever keywords I’m interested in from wherever — the browser, my notepad, an Office program, anywhere copying is possible — then press a shortcut that would search my keyword(s) in any search engine I like, even this totally unknown search engine of a web site I prefer? Fling lets me search instantly anything anywhere.

Of course some browsers already offer an option, to select, copy and search a keyword — but what if you don’t want to use the search engine(s) your browser supports or you don’t need to always use the same engine? Fling lets me add any search engine whatever and select this or any other on the fly each time I search, without having to change engines by going to some deeply hidden system setting…

Here is the simple sequence that makes my life so easier: select text, copy, press a keyboard shortcut, pick an engine from a list, press enter! It cannot become simpler than that!

Fling comes with several default search engines, but I can add whatever engine I like easily, and have it available along with all the others each time I need to search for anything. This means I can perform the same search to more than one engines, without even re-selecting or re-writing keywords, since they are already in the clipboard. I just press the keyboard shortcut, select another engine and perform the same search to a different engine!

I can’t live without Fling!