Write your texts without distractions, with FocusWriter

FocusWriter is a free and easy to use text editor aiming at helping you to write without distractions. The program starts as a white page placed on a desktop. This interface covers completely the Windows desktop, including the taskbar.

When you bring your mouse over screen edges, menu items appear for you to utilize program options you may need.

The program supports simple text (txt) documents, or even RTF / ODT (basic) and it comes in skins you can customize. It also supports the editing of several documents simultaneously in separate tabs. Even more, FocusWriter lets you define daily goals, timers and alarms.

More features: Typewriter sound effects (optional) * Spell-checking (optional) * Sessions * Live statistics (optional) * Translation into over 20 languages

Note that FocusWriter provides also keyboard shortcuts for everything, a feature that makes it even more convenient.

Download FocusWriter