Free more space deleting useless files, with Cleanmgr Plus advanced Disk Cleanup

If you like Microsoft Disk Cleanup you will love Cleanmgr+, a tool that takes cleanup a step further, always using official Windows methods.

The first thing that impressed me was the interface. Cleanmgr+ looks as modern as the recent Windows 10 apps, flat and minimal. Even its interface is better than the outdated MS Disk Cleanup, and it features a lot more cleaning options letting you claim more space.

Note that Microsoft’s utility is going to become deprecated, so that programs like Cleanmgr+ will become the only way to go if you like this method of cleaning instead of or along with the “Storage Sense”, Microsoft’s new app.

Cleanmgr+ is a portable app, just unpack and run it to enjoy. It is able to clean: Windows Update Files * Windows Component Store (WinSxS folder) * Downloaded Program Files * Temporary Internet Files * Offline webpages * Delivery Optimization Files * DirectX Shader Cache * Recycle bin * Temporary files * Thumbnails * Game Statistic files * Files discarded by Windows upgrade * System archived Windows Error reports * System created temporary Windows Error reports * Recycle Bin * Temporary Files * Thumbnails * Clipboard * DNS Cache * Print Queue * Prefetch Data

Download Cleanmgr+