Create powerful backup jobs locally or on the Cloud, even encrypted, with Duplicati

Duplicati is a free, powerful and portable application you may like to try if you need to backup and secure your files easily, enjoying a lot of options. The interface is pleasant and can be described as modern, minimal and clean, making the program very easy to use. You can configure backup jobs using a wizard. Previous steps are always available for any change or just to have a final look at your configuration.

The program offers (something that tends to become a norm in backup apps) to work with the Windows default personal folders — yet (as is also the norm) you can manually select any folder you’d like. A schedule can run your backup jobs in any interval you decide, and of course in incremental mode if you prefer.

Duplicati supports also (AES) encryption, a security option you may appreciate more especially if you are going to backup on the Cloud or on FTP servers, since the program offers to save your backup in many locations besides internal or USB drives you can attach. Just make sure you keep your password somewhere safe because if you lose it your backup becomes useless.

It may not sound that important, but if you already keep some sort of backup projects and you have a lot of backup scenarios, you know that having a customizable default template would let you avoid unnecessary work when you add new jobs. Duplicati saves most of your settings and lets you have them as default for your next backup jobs. I’m never tired of trying free backup and synchronization utilities. Their task, which is the safety of our documents and projects, is the most important, and Duplicati is a flexible and powerful program you can rely on!

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