Backup WordPress database, plugins and files on the Cloud, PC and server

A wise backup strategy involves the use of all possible locations to secure your precious data, that is, a copy on your server, another one on the Cloud and another one on your PC.

The plugin I present here is reliable and easy to use, and although it provides also a commercial version, the free one is already powerful enough. So far as I know, you won’t find in purely free backup plugins any function that is missing from this one.

Updraft will save your database, your themes and plugins, uploaded files, etc., in zip archives that it stores locally on your server, uploads to Cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc., which then you can copy to your PC synchronizing your Local and Cloud folders as usually. The plugin can perform scheduled or manual backups, even restore them.

If you are serious about your web site you need a backup plugin, in which case perhaps you should try first this one.

Download UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin