Enjoy Android apps and games on your Windows PC, with BlueStacks

If you don’t use an Android phone or tablet or if you just like to play your Android games on your PC even faster, enjoying also your keyboard and mouse, BlueStacks can help.

BlueStacks lets you enjoy on Windows anything Android may have to offer, games and apps, much faster than your tablet or phone. You need of course to have a Google account.

The program is easy to install and use, but it contains the usual Android problems, lags and the like. In terms of the interface, you won’t have any difficulty to use it, even if you don’t own already an Android device.

BlueStacks lets you download any apps or games you are interested in from Google Store. You can use it in full screen or windowed, which is better in my opinion. Note also that BlueStacks lets you synchronize your stuff between your Android device and your Windows PC. You can also use it to browse your PC and import any files you may need to use in the Android environment.

Download BlueStacks