Create professional ebooks from HTML, plain text, picture and video files, with Sigil

If you search for a free ebook editor that is easy and powerful, give Sigil a try. It lets you use html, plain text, images, videos to create your ebook in a simple interface. You can use Sigil for epub editions.

Sigil supports split view of code and design view, similar to advanced HTML editors. You can use Sigil to create covers of your books and tables of contents, even dividing automatically your text document into several files.

A spellchecker lets you write professional text, and more tools contribute to your efforts of creating a technically faultless edition, with the correct CSS definitions and the automatic removal of useless files you may not need anymore for your project.

Sigil is an editor and viewer that claims rightfully a place in a collection of editing tools of anyone interested in ebook – epub publications.

Download Sigil