Preview and extract Multi Picture files, with MPO Explorer

MPO Explorer is a light and free program that will help you preview and extract JPEG images stored in .mpo (Multiple Picture) files. Multi Picture Format is standardized by CIPA to handle multiple images under a single image file.

MPO Explorer supports command line usage: MPOexp infile [destination folder] [ODD|EVEN] , where infile is an .mpo image file, destination folder is a folder where images contained in the .mpo file are extracted to (when this is not specified, images are extracted to the source folder). You must use quotes when the input file or destination paths have spaces in their names. ODD|EVEN: extracts full sized images (ODD) or camera preview images (EVEN). When this value is not specified, all images are extracted.

Unlike command line, GUI mode will let you preview the images stored in .mpo file.

You can also enable a Windows Explorer context menu.