How to select and manage your fonts, with Font Xplorer

Selecting Fonts

To manipulate a font(s) (copy/move/delete/load/install/print etc) you need to select or activate it first. You can activate a font by selecting it with the mouse. That is called single-selection (activating). If you want to select multiple fonts and manipulate them at the same time, you need to switch to the check box mode. (View -> Checkboxes). You can then select each font by clicking it’s check box. To unselect a font, click the check mark again. You’ll see the count of selected/total fonts on status bar.

You can also select a range of fonts at once. For this, activate the font that is first in the range, then hold down the Shift key and click on last font’s check box. That selects all fonts that are in the range from the previously active font to the clicked font.

There are some powerful commands for selecting fonts in the Select sub menu of the Font menu. You can also access this menu also by clicking on the status bar, where font count is displayed (last panel).

Ctrl+Up/Down arrow will jump to previous/next selected (checked) font.

    To toggle the selection of active font, press the Spacebar key.

The number of fonts selected is visible in the status bar. You can also see the total number of listed fonts there.

Once you have selected fonts, you can use the Show Selected Files only mode (Filter -> Selected Files Only). Then only files that you have selected are visible in the listing.