Select and copy only files of certain dates, with CopyChangedFiles

If you have large folder with a lot of files and you try to select only files that belong to a certain date and after to copy them to another folder, even to update already existing files, CopyChangedFiles can be useful.

CopyChangedFiles is a free and convenient utility that will help you to find changed / newer files to copy them. Two modes are available. In the simple mode you just select and copy current files, that is files that are modified in the current date. In the “advanced” mode you can define a specific date in time and select only files that are modified in that and after that date.

You can also use more filters along with date, such as file type (copy only images, for instance, ignoring anything else, etc.) or file size (find only large files, etc).

The program allows you to preview the operation before actually copying anything, and it is also able to compare files according to content instead of date if you are going to update a folder that contains the similar files of different dates.

Download CopyChangedFiles