Auto-flowing different text in odd and even pages, with InDesign

If you needed to edit a document with different text in facing pages, such as a bilingual edition, you may already know how to do it. InDesing is unnecessarily dark and difficult and its use requires a lot of research.

First create two unlinked Text frames (none with primary text) in each one of your facing Master pages, then insert at least two pairs of pages in your document, e.g. pages 2-4. When you “File > Place” each of your texts in each of your document’s sides, the odd and the even one, Shift clicking will make each text auto-flow on a side of the document, while InDesing inserts as many pages as needed.

Fairly simple, if you know it, but still you may try it without success, if you ignore this little secret: when you Shift Click to insert auto-flowing text, you need to have your cursor in the middle of the page, even below, and not on a side of the page, in order to make sure that the text flows vertically, otherwise you might link the two sides and your text will flow as usually from left to right. You must do the same whenever you need to paste additional text to new pages you add.

To activate auto-flowing for existing text in order for it to occupy more pages, click that red cross in the little square, then at the vertically next page just Shift Click at the center and below, not at a side.