Locate this tiny blinking Cursor Line in a Word document easily

Even if you use a scheme that provides a large blinking cursor when you work with text, you may still be losing track of your cursor. Then you press the arrow keys to make it move and hopefully locate it! This may result to your document changing page!

As you may know Windows provides in the Mouse applet a way to locate the mouse pointer when you press the Ctrl key. This won’t let you track the blinking cursor in a document, but the mouse pointer, which may lie far away from the cursor.

Even if this shortcut worked for your job, it would still be inconvenient since you wouldn’t be able to change it with other keys and Ctrl is a key you use often for different shortcuts.

There is an easy way to locate your blinking cursor and do what you need to do with it, usually move it in some different location in your document. Just press Shift and the left or right arrow as if you wanted to select some text. By making a selection you will able to see immediately where the blinking cursor is and use it as you wish!