Save and restore window positions and sizes, with TaskLayout

If you are on a project that involves two or more applications, even arranged in particular positions and sizes on the desktop, it is annoying each and every time you open these apps having to resize and relocate them as needed.

Fortunately TaskLayout comes to help and it does help efficiently. It is a portable (no need to install; unzip and play!) freeware allowing you to save and restore a set of specified apps / windows with corresponding position on screen in a click of your mouse or even with a keyboard shortcut.

Features: automatic window repositioning with restoring the state: normal/minimized/maximized, multi-monitor support, specify custom commands as part of a layout (e.g. “mailto:”, delete a file, sleep windows, etc).

* Check also this list with the best free utilities to move, arrange, resize windows, even in a multiple monitor setup. Enjoy!

Download TaskLayout