Tags Use in Winamp Advanced Title Formatting (ATF)

Provided by Winamp itself (not by user plugins). You can also use these tags with the Toaster plugin.

%filename%: returns the full path of the file. To display the filename only, use the $filepart function.

%folder%: Returns the containing folder. Winamp 5.2+ Only. Provided by Winamp Media Library

%rating%: Returns the track rating as an integer from 1 to 5, if set. To display as stars or another character, use the $repeat function. Winamp 5.2+ Only.

%playcount%: Returns the playcount (number of times track has been played), if the file is stored in the Media Library database. Winamp 5.2+ Only. Provided by Winamp Media Library or input plugin

For the fields listed below, info is taken from ML only if the file is present in the ML database and if the following option is checkmarked:
Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Media Library > Local Media > ‘Use Library title information for Playlist Item Formatting’. In all other cases, the info is provided by the input plugin (if the respective input plugin supports the field). Most of these are straightforward and are taken from the standard file tags, and therefore don’t require any additional explanatory notes.

%artist%: Returns the Artist field.

%title%: Returns the Title field.

%album%: Returns the Album field.