Edit text, images and spreadsheets, browse, print and communicate, with OmegaOffice

Would you replace MS Office with OmegaOffice? No way! There is no (free or commercial) replacement yet for MS Office, to be frank — but if you don’t really need all the wealth of features offered by Microsoft’s suite, OmegaOffice is a collection of free programs that resembles MS Office and are able to support you for basic and even somehow demanding tasks.

OmegaOffice includes a text editor, a spreadheet editor, an image editor, an Organizer, a personal information manager, a web browser, a video phone for networks, a printer, even a Tetris game.

Note that the programs are not always rapid fast, but speed won’t be a problem. As is also the case with Microsoft’s suite, OmegaOffice too is going to be judged primarily by its text editor, called WordGraph. The program is nice, it includes most expected features, but nothing like Microsoft Word. The same is true about the spreadsheet editor, called Accel.

If you like to try alternative Office suites and your demands can be satisfied rather easily, you should definitely try OmegaOffice.

Download OmegaOffice