Write your musical score and export your music, using Jniz notation software

Jniz is a light, free and efficient program you can use to compose your music, if you prefer to edit your score in your PC, even using shortcut keys. As you would expect for a program like this, its interface features staves ready to host your notation. Of course you can delete, clean, change types, even play your music using the dedicated player included in Jniz.

A form of “auto correct” is also available, since the program won’t accept notes that are not allowed for the stave type you selected. Of course you can use non-harmonic notation, in which case it is presented in different color. Fortunately the program provides detailed documentation you should browse to gain some familiarity with its functions.

Jniz lets you connect a MIDI keyboard to enjoy real time sequencing. The program supports any instrument you may like to use, from pianos and guitars to bass, winds, harps, violins, organ, percussion and much more… You can save your work in the JNZ format or export as LillyPond files, PDF, MIDI or MusicXML. Jniz is a powerful and convenient composition program, featuring a pleasant interface, a program you like to try if you are interested in making music using a score.

Download Jniz