Control PC volume easily, even changing instantly output devices, with EarTrumpet

EarTrumpet is a free and light program that resembles the Windows volume mixer with the difference of being more convenient.

Featuring a modern and pleasant interface, EarTrumpet lets you change the master volume of your PC, change volume individually for any of your apps that are sound enabled, from your media player to your browser and email client.

A nide option of EarTrumpet is that it lets you instantly change output device for an app. For example, if you have an internal sound card and a DAC that is connected with an external amplifier and speakers, you can instantly change where your media player sends its output signal to listen music from PC speakers or from external speakers with losing time to change the player’s settings.

Finally a shortcut key lets you access the app without having to grab your mouse. EarTrumpet is a free sound utility you may like to try if you have more than average demands from the sound system of your PC.

Download EarTrumpet