Case Transformer corrects text in any browser and editor

I have Case Transformer to start when Windows starts. It’s not a program that I use each and every minute, but since it occupies no memory, I prefer to have it available, because I use it frequently enough.

We copy text from email messages, from discussion groups and forums, from blogs and social media, Facebook, Twitter… Usually in all those places people write without following the rules. They can write all caps or without caps at all, and in all possible combinations!

Case Transformer helps me to bring some order to this chaos instantly! I just select the text I want to correct, then press a keyboard shortcut and select how the text should appear — all caps, as in a sentence (only the first letter is a cap), as in (some type of) a title, with capital the first letter of each word, all lowercase, or even inverted (caps are lowered, and the previously lowered are capitalized).

Case Transformer lets you customize the keyboard shortcut for its popup menu.