Change screen resolution on the fly for particular programs, with Display Changer

Display Changer is a free (for personal and educational use), light and powerful utility that lets you change the resolution of your monitor on-the-fly whenever you run a particular program.

The program supports resolutions that may not be available in the OS (use with caution, although it warns you when you select a non supported resolution). Display Changer can revert automatically to your normal resolution after you finish working with that particular program.

Using command line options you can fine tune your custom-resolution option to adjust also desktop dimensions, refresh rate and color quality, even rotation. For instance, dccmd.exe -width=1024 -height=728 -depth=8 -refresh=50 “C:\Program Files\Aprogram\Aprogram.exe”

Before you use your custom settings you have a chance to test them and decide if you need anything changed. In multiple monitor systems Display Changer is able to apply custom settings to a single or to all available monitors.

Download Display Changer