Change automatically Windows color according to wallpaper, with Aura

Such a pity, you have this great wallpaper changer, that will let you rotate your desktop backgrounds automatically or whenever you press a hot-key, but the Windows color scheme remains unchanged, sometimes being totally irrelevant and a visual noise!

There is no need to hurt your eyes, when you can just download this amazing little freeware, that won’t need even installation (just unpack and run), being able to detect the main color of your wallpaper each time you change it, adjusting the Windows color scheme accordingly.

The program works also on newer Windows, but you may not need it, since you can have automatic color change by going to Personalize > Color, and selecting the first, multi-color, box. If you prefer the color selections of Aura, you can disable the native Windows auto coloring applet and use instead Aura. So far as I was able to notice, Aura is rather ‘neutral’ or ‘smooth’ compared with Windows inclination to more vivid contrasts.

With the color remaining always the same, transparency or some neutral color, mostly shades of black or white, was the only way to go, if one wanted to change wallpapers frequently. This tiny auto coloring freeware makes possible a colorful harmony to inspire you! Yet a great improvement is possible.

So far Aura seems to calculate something like the average color of a wallpaper. To the degree that a wallpaper is not uniform, the color chosen by Aura may not be the ideal one according to the area of the taskbar. For example, in a wallpaper featuring a mountain with clouds and blue sky, Aura may put a blueish taskbar on the mountain side of the wallpaper, if the prevailing color of the wallpaper comes mainly from the sky and clouds and not from the mountain. Yet, where the taskbar lies, i.e. at the mountain side, perhaps a brownish color would be better. Just an opinion.