Analyze your disks to find the largest folders easily, with RidNacs

RidNacs is a free program that will analyze the space of your internal and external disks. It scans your local drives, network drives or single directories and produces a tree view with a percentage bar chart column. This gives a quick and easy way to identify largest directories and it’s very useful for cleaning up the disk.

The result of the scan can be exported in several formats (XML, HTML, CSV, TXT), to be printed or compared with future scans. RidNacs has an outstanding scan performance.

Features: Files smaller than a configurable size can be grouped * Files can be opened and deleted from inside RidNacs * Explorer context menu support * Associated file icons are retrieved in the background (improved performance);

Style of the percentage bar is configurable (Skins) * A new favorites list combines drives with most recent used directories * Incomplete scanned directories are tagged with a symbol, and more.