Protect PDF from OCR, copy, and export, with PDF Anti-Copy

PDF Anti-Copy is a free and portable (no need to install) program that re-processes all text and graphics in a PDF document making it impossible for anyone to copy or export any portion of it.

The changed files still can be viewed in PDF readers, but copying and converting the content will not work. A hacker can bypass normal restrictions such as passwords. I must say that when I opened a PDF document with this program to test it, I was disappointed because it is a little slow. For a document of 160 pages it needed more than 3 minutes to encrypt it!

However, I was really impressed with the result. I guess it is easy to encrypt a document, what impressed me was that the document kept all its formatting viewed as a PDF, everything was in its place, text and images, nothing changed, but nothing could be copied anymore or exported!

PDF Anti-Copy is a powerful application that does what it promises. It can encrypt a document in its entirety or only some pages of it (you are able to select any page you want to protect), without changing its appearance even a little! If you have a PDF document that you need to protect, this program will help and impress you.

Download PDF Anti-Copy