Download AlphaChess, to play chess against friends or your PC

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AlphaChess is a free chess program that will let you play with a friend or against the computer.

Three play modes are available: a local game by using the same keyboard with a friend, online game by connecting to a dedicated server, or playing against the computer.

Features: Play against other players online for free or observe ongoing games. * Play against the computer. * Resize the game window on the fly or maximize it. * Customize the game board by choosing a color theme or create an entirely new one. * Customize the game board by choosing a chess set. * Customize your interface by showing or hiding the players information, game history or captured pieces. * Save your game and load a saved game to review or continue it. * Import or export games using the PGN standard. * Navigate through a game’s history in real time, even while you are playing. * Use the move validity indicator to get out of a tight spot or to learn to play.

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