Play, analyze and print chess with Penguin board and game editor

Penguin is a free and portable desktop chess board and game editor for analysis and review of Chess games. The objective of the author was to create a compact non-commercial product that could stand alongside the existing editors for Chess and offer some original functionality.

Features: Stored Games (in PGN and Penguin’s own ECH format); Many games can be held in a single game file; the collections dialog facilitates management of the games in a collection. Many lines of play can be stored in a game (you can prune the game tree of unwanted branches); Users are able to add comments to a game position and search the game comments for a text string. Game positions can be bookmarked.

Games can be printed (the printout will include any text together with diagrams of selected positions of the game; printing can be done either one or two columns down the page; either the main line of play or all the branches may be printed). Users are able to set their preferences for colours, sizes and fonts.

Game positions can be exported as GIF images or copied to the Windows clipboard as BMP images. Users can set the pieces on the board in any starting state; board positions can be modified. Backups are taken by the program as a protection against game loss. Irregular moves can be made.