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Download SHIFT, A very difficult puzzle game

Rating: 5
  Excellence Award  


“SHIFT” is a free and difficult puzzle, unsolvable at first glance. The program can search for solutions in case the user gets tired trying.

The puzzle consists of a board having 4 x 5 fields. Blocks of size 1×1, 2×1, 1×2,or 2×2 are shifted until the red 2×2 block occupies the fields at the bottom center. The position of the other blue blocks is not important.

Features: find solutions yourself (use mouse or keyboard to move. Moves can be taken back) * replay previous moves * have the computer search for solutions * save moves on disc * open moves from disk * print moves including pictures of initial and final board states * In-Line help information

A solution needs over 100, but less than 200 moves.

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