Download Taskbar Control, to hide the Windows Taskbar using a hotkey

However convenient (and it is), the Windows taskbar sometimes distracts — when you need to pay special attention to a project or just to stare at this new great wallpaper… Windows gives an “auto hide” option, which is not good enough.

created Taskbar Control, a free and very small program that will let you hide the taskbar (even the 1 pixel line that “auto hide” lets visible) as long as you need, without changing a permanent system option, but just with a keyboard shortcut. By using the same hot key once more you can show / unhide the taskbar again, whenever you want.

This way using or avoiding the Taskbar becomes easy and pleasant as a game. You can make it reappear instantly, e.g. to just see what time it is, without having to move your mouse or change system options — just with a keyboard shortcut.

Taskbar Control hides the taskbar (including the Orb/Flag of Windows) without impeding the keyboard’s Start / Win key; this way you can have your taskbar fully invisible, and still be able to use the Start Menu to open your programs, search for files, configure your system, etc.

Taskbar Control does not need installation: just unpack the zip file, place its contents in a folder of your choice, and create shortcuts to the executable (TaskbarControl.exe) from anywhere (most probably from the StartUp folder, to have it run when Windows starts).

When you run the Taskbar Control it will place an icon in the system tray, a brown and orange square, you can right click upon to change the hot-key to whatever combination you prefer (the default is Ctrl+Alt+i).

Bottom left corner of the screen, with the taskbar:

Taskbar Control letting the taskbar appear

Without the taskbar:

Taskbar Control having the taskbar hidden

Features: Completely hide the Windows Taskbar / Orb / System Tray, with a keyboard shortcut * The hot key is customizable * The taskbar will not reappear if you move the mouse to its location * The taskbar disappears completely (without even a thin line remaining visible) * Taskbar Control is a portable application — no need to install — and it does not use the registry; it will create just an ini (simple text) file in the same folder with the executable, to store your hot-key preference * Absolutely free * No spyware, no ads

The first time it runs, the program will pop up a Splash screen, because the ini file is not yet created. After that it will open always silently, without splash screens or anything.

Taskbar Control will let you enjoy more freedom in the easiest possible manner — a screen absolutely clean and shinning, without the flags, orbs and icons of Microsoft or anyone. You can use Nomousy, if you’d like also to hide the cursor of your mouse.

Please note that Windows sometimes freezes temporarily upon waking up from power-save mode, if the taskbar is hidden. To make sure this won’t happen even once, you can use Sleeper, a small utility that will automatically reveal your taskbar, if it is hidden, before the activation of power-save mode. If you just turn off your monitor from its own button without using Windows power-save modes, then you can ignore this issue completely.

Note also an alternative version of Taskbar Control (download link included right here), that will let you have a shortcut key to toggle instantly on or off the official auto-hide option of Windows. The advantage of this way is that any maximized windows will immediately cover the bottom row (where the taskbar used to appear) — you will also have this one pixel visibility of the taskbar, and the taskbar will show up every time the mouse cursor passes over it.

There is now an updated version of Taskbar Control Auto Hide for Windows 10. Download and enjoy!

To ensure a trouble-free installation, right-click the setup file and select the option “Run as administrator.” You need also to make sure after the installation is complete, that the program folder and files have write permissions.

Taskbar Control PAD (XML) file

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5 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    parfait. thank you :D.

    I have set Taskbar Label to Alt+G, and Taskbar Control to Alt+H. ‘G’ for group (reminds you of windows grouping, contracting), and ‘H’ for hide :).

  2. Paul says:

    Can you already do this in Windows default settings? Can you also go full screen?

  3. The default Windows settings allow for “auto hide” but not by using a keyboard shortcut. They don’t allow at all the first method, full disappearance of the taskbar, without being only hidden.

  4. john says:

    so,.. there is no program that hides the taskbar + lets the programs go fullscreen + no 1 pixel row ?

  5. I’m afraid not. The first method (full hide, but without instant fullscreen mode of a program) is best for those who’d like, e.g. to enjoy their wallpapers without the taskbar. The second method is best for those with very small screens, wanting to take advantage of the taskbar space to work in a program. Personally, I use the hotkey auto-hide option in my netbook. Having an 1px line is not a problem compared with the instant maximization of my programs when the taskbar is hidden.