Download Paste Shortcut to replace this long default Alt H P S Windows key

One of Microsoft’s awful mistakes is the keyboard hotkey we are obliged to use whenever we need to paste a file as shortcut in Windows Explorer, the famous Alt+H+P+S key…

I create shortcuts all the time. Right now I’m editing an anthology of my music, and I paste as shortcuts in a separate folder all files I select from my main music folder. Pressing four keys in order to paste a file as shortcut is exhausting, to say the least, for which reason this extremely small app can prove indispensable.

Paste Shortcut is small (just 1 MB), portable (no need to install it), free without limitations or nags, and very efficient. When you run it, the program immediately replaces the default Windows Alt+H+P+S key with a simple Alt+S. Do you need Alt+S for some other job? No problem, just right click the program’s icon in the system tray and in the Settings menu change Alt+S to whatever you prefer.

If you’d like to have this key active and available each time you open your PC, you can have “Paste Shortcut” run with Windows. To do that, press Win+R, write “Shell:Startup” and press Enter. In the folder that opens (…\Programs\Startup), paste a shortcut to “Paste Shortcut”.

Now the program will start automatically with Windows and whenever you paste a file as shortcut in Windows Explorer, you will be able to use a simple Alt+S, or whatever key you like, instead of the default railroad key Alt+H+P+S….

Note that in Windows 10 security is rather strict and when you run “Paste Shortcut” you will face a confirmation prompt. To avoid this annoyance read a post on how you can create a Whitelist for Windows UAC to let trusted applications open easily.

Download “Paste Shortcut”, and enjoy!

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