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pfQuizzz is a freeware vocabulary trainer for PC, PDA & Mobile. If you need to drill thousands of words to learn a foreign language, pfQuizzz can help you.

Features: Fast and simple user interface; Based on custom easy-to-edit sharable vocabulary text files; Can also be used as a general Question-(Hint)-Answer training system; Provides graphical statistics to let you keep track of your progress; Supports Unicode characters to handle any language; Besides single words, it also supports short phrases and hints; It is able to combine a few vocabulary files to form a complex training unit; Repeats the words you have difficulties with until you get them right; Supports in-order, out-of-order and bidirectional practising; it is able to share vocabulary files between PC, PDA & Mobile; Enables users to exchange their vocabulary files by copying them; DPI & orientation aware; optimized for low-resolution mobile devices.

A visitor of who wanted such a program for practicing Greek, writes: “It has the same basic features as Interlex. A bit slower, but it definitely works with at least one of the Greek unicode fonts that I have. – Anyone who tries to type Greek needs to reverse the question/answer order in the options menu of the program, and then select Hellenic keyboard layout under regional/language options of their computer. A tutorial for activating diacritic/polytonic with keystrokes marks will be necessary, also. – Whenever you create a new file within the program, you must save over it – by the same name, not a separate file – otherwise you will create notepad files in the program’s data folder which will not be recognized by it. ”

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