Mix your music with DJ effects even automatically, and broadcast, using Mixxx

Mixxx is a free but powerful program featuring dual decks, co-operation with iTunes, Rhythmbox and Traktor files and playlists, BPM, Key Detection and Sync, automix and live broadcasting.

The program of course lets you listen to a track while another track is live, it can take advantage of external soundcards and exports mixed audio in a single WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, AAC or OGG file.

A vinyl tool lets you spin or scratch; you can also adjust rate and speed, configure loops, and use hotcue. Mixxx provides VU meters, faders, gain knobs, equalizing, and much more, along with library search, metadata editing and organization, etc.

If you are serious about music mixing and / or broadcasting, Mixxx is a program you can’t ignore.

Download Mixxx