Manage TV Shows and subtitles with TVShowTidy

TVShowTidy is a free java tool that will let you manage your TV Shows and their subtitles. TVShowTidy will group videos and subtitles from a source folder and it will rename them according to a scheme of your choice. The program uses file names to extract season and episode information as well as episode name and subtitle language. It can also create folders for each TV Show and season, if you want that.

TVShowTidy supports online episode information retrieval from thetvdb

In case you already have installed MKVToolnix, TVShowTidy can create MKV files containing video and subtitles for each episode. It will name the subtitle tracks after the subtitle language, if language information exists in the file name.

Double-click TVShowTidy.bat for Windows to install the program. You will need to configure the MKV merge path from the File \ Settings menu in order to create MKV files. Documentation is available under the Help menu.