Edit your videos or create slide shows with effects, using MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker is a free (without watermarks or duration limits) program that will help you to create movies from photos and videos, inserting transition effects, trimming and cutting scenes, etc., and it will even provide templates you can start with to create your own project.

The program’s interface is modern and pleasant, clean and simple. You may not understand immediately what you should do, but if you play a while you’ll find your way.

MiniTool MovieMaker can be compared with the Windows Movie Maker, it’s a simple app for simple, do not expect something like Adobe Premiere… But you may not even need something like that, only a convenient app that will let you perform some basic editing to your videos or create a nice slideshow-movie.

A serious problem, in my opinion, is that you cannot apply a transition effect globally, in one move, you have to apply and re-apply it for each and every photo that you have in your movie. I hope this changes in the future. Some global settings should be available, such as the duration of each slide and transitions.

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