CPext sorts files by extension

I cannot understand why you should still use WinXP, but if you do, check CPext, a freeware that adds a sorting option in Windows explorer. This will let you sort your files by extension, a very useful feature when two or more extensions are registered with the same application.

For example, when you try to separate ape and mp3 files while both are registered with Winamp, even if you choose “sort by type”, since both extensions are “Winamp files”, they are sorted alphabetically by their names resulting in a mixed appearance of ape and mp3.

CPext solves such problems, but it needs improvement. As it is now, it works only if you are in details view. In all other views, you can still sort files by extension, but you need first, in each Windows session, to activate it by going to View > Choose details. There you select “Ext” as a sort option. Windows ‘forgets’ this selection upon restart, unless you are in details view.

In Windows 10 you can also group files according to their type, without the need of any extra software.