Learn adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with Math Games

This is a group of games that will help your children learn basic math – adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. They resemble the familiar tetris game, and they are easy to install. Currently available: Valgetal, Matego, Euroblocks, Valgetal Tables, Valgebra. Other programs include team play and regard higher skills (equations etc.)

Valgetal challenges you to complete basic math equations by controlling the placement of falling numbers. If you create a vertical column of three blocks, the number on top must be the sum of the two below it. If it isn’t, you are penalised by a reduction in the size of the container, which immediately makes it harder to control successive blocks precisely.

In Matego you have to eliminate the “number army” of your opponent. But take care… you are also under attack yourself! Your weapons are all four basic math operators: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

In Valgetal Tables you practise the tables of multiplication in quite a different way. Like in Valgetal there are falling down blocks with numbers, but this time you must try to make columns of two.

Eurobloks is a challenging game in which you practise the change of the euro and the Spanish peseta, Dutch guilder, German mark or Belgian frank. In a rectangle are falling down blocks with numbers. The blue blocks represent euros and the green blocks the currency you have chosen in the main menu. The purpose is to make columns of a green and a blue block, but only if the values are the same.

In Valgebra by playing with falling “x-components” and numbers you resolve a first grade equation.

Download Valgetal, Matego, Valgetal Tables, Eurobloks, Valgebra