Mars Soldiers 7 Multiplayer Game with Heroes, Building Editors, Pre-battle Troops

Features: 7 kinds of Heroes for each side; 7 types of adjutants (Hero’s soldiers) for each side. Adjutants are created by a Hero possessing the same weapons the Hero; 7 types of soldiers and commanders for each side; Two-phase move of a soldier; parallel orders; Large set of functions for search, selection and control of soldiers; Two campaigns (Earth and Mars), consisting of 7 levels; Two players game (flexible adjustment of Heroes and soldiers used in battle for each side); Network game.

There is a battlefield with squares and figures. The figures are seven heroes on each side engaged in a battle. All heroes have their unique character and features. On each move, you can give an order to multiple soldiers at once. There are rich and flexible controls over the battlefield, to help you find and group up your soldiers and then send them to attack.

Besides yours and your enemies’ soldiers, there are many other things and factors on the field. Different types of ground, defensive buildings, and «surprises». Time cycles also matter — just like in the real world. The game features 2 seven-level missions (one for Earth and one for Mars.), and: building editors, pre-battle troops deployment, and more. Please make sure you download the setup file intact (65 MB).