Snakes and Ladders free board game for Windows

Snakes and Ladders is an Indian game that became popular all over the world. A board divided by squares contains pictures of Ladders and Snakes that are used as ways which connect particular squares.

Players die rolls to move from the starting square to the finish at the top. Ladders help them advance, snakes eat them and bring them lower. There is no special skill needed but only luck to win.

Snakes and Ladders belongs to family dice games along with Ludo and Parcheesi. It is known in the US mainly as Chutes and Ladders.

I have here two versions of the game, one you can play in any Windows system and another one you can get as an MS Store app. Both versions are free and nice, you can just get both of them and see what you prefer to keep. The “Stand Alone” version, the one you can get whether you have access to MS Store or not, supports up to 4 players.

Download Stand Alone version or Download MS Store App