Cube 2 Sauerbraten first person shooter game, with multiplayer and single player mode

Cube 2 Sauerbraten is a free first person shooter (FPS) game, featuring multiplayer and singleplayer modes. The main objective of the game is to allow in-game dynamic map editing, to create fun gameplay. The engine of the game is original and Open Source (ZLIB license). You’ll need at least: 1GHz or higher CPU, 256MB RAM and a GeForce 4 MX or equivalent GPU. For maximum settings, you’ll need at least: 2GHz or higher CPU, 512MB RAM and a GeForce 6600 or equivalent shader model 2.0 GPU. Be sure to have the most current driver for your graphics card installed; often ATI drivers have proven to be glitchy.

The single player (SP) modes of Sauerbraten enable you to play offline against a range of monsters. Start your SP game via the menu or set your mode and an appropriate map by hand. Beware that the so-called Episode 1 does not currently contain monsters. It is still WiP! The single maps for basic SP (mode -2) do have monsters, though; and you can play (almost) any map in DMSP (mode -1) against a horde of monsters matching your skill level.

In the basic SP mode (mode -2) which works more or less like in every other FPS — you can pick up items only once and monsters stay killed; progress is controlled with respawn-points. Touching a respawn-point will set your next spawn to that location. If you get fragged by the monsters you will respawn inside the map, having lost all armour and some ammo, ut at least your previous incarnation has cleared the way a little. Your score is calculated as seconds you took to complete the map.
Deaths, monsters left, accuracy, and a basic modifier for skill setting all get taken into account.

The SP DeathMatch mode (DMSP (mode -1) will work on any map – but some just won’t cut it — and will pit you against a number of monsters (10x skill) spawning at random points. If you die in this mode the ordeal repeats – either you beat the horde or you don’t — it’s a DeathMatch!