Edit simple text of unlimited size with more than 150 functions, using TED Notepad

TED Notepad is a free editor for true plain-text. It looks like the default Windows Notepad, but it’s more fertile in innovative features, text-processing functions and other tools, all of them on hotkeys; all designed for quicker and advanced editing. TED Notepad fits on USB flash disk and loads instantly. It is designed especially for daily writing of notes, lists, scripts and html files.

Features: Nine permanent clipboards; Maximum text size is limited only by your available memory; High stability and performance; Search over multiple lines, easily define a searching phrase containing newlines; Find Selected and Find Later; remember the last search between sessions; Second search is also available, if you need to search for two things at the same time; Select to Next feature helps you to quickly select any text up to any next occurrence of the searched phrase;

Several auto-completions; Copying of words from previous or similar line, to write lists or their leading tags, where each line starts quite the same; HTML/XML Tag generator; It supports ANSI, both Unicode and UTF-8 file types; Partial Binary files support; Supports bi-directional editing and all Unicode characters.

Favorites and Recent files menu; Optional auto-save; watching for modifications of the opened file; Command line parameters for opening a file at exact position; Other parameters are designed to improve application start-up and loading its settings; able to store its settings to an INI file and can be ran from any USB flash drive; Swiss army knife: Choose from variety of text case conversions. Repair encoding of several locale characters; Add tags before every line; Close lines tool to finish every line;

A variety of Unindent/Unquote selection tools to remove any indentation or quoting from e-mails or to trim trailing spaces; Leading white-spaces can be automatically rearanged; Cut Columns, Add Numbers tool – you can take the lines, cut their parts, add line numbers to them or any other text; Unique lines tool offers a solution to remove or count the duplicates; Remove empty lines;And More…

Note that TED Notepad can have only one document open at a time.